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Gboard – The Gmail Keyboard

gboard-gmail-keyboardOK, I recognize that not everyone uses my personal favorite Gmail feature, keyboard shortcuts. For those who would rather reach for a mouse to archive, label, or reply, I offer the Gboard – the keyboard made especially for Gmail users.

The Gboard reminds me of those numeric keypads you can add if you do a lot of number entry on a laptop (for example.) The Gboard is priced at $19.95. While I don’t have personal experience, I am working on procuring an evaluation unit.

My first impression is, it’s a bit limited. It offers 19 of the total 69 keyboard shortcuts. I’m not sure if it’s quicker to reach for your mouse or a separate keypad, but my recommendation is that you should just start learning shortcut keys. In a few weeks, you’ll have 19 memorized and still have 20 bucks in your pocket.

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