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Google Notifier for the Mac

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Despite the “beta” label, Google Notifer for the Mac v1.9.65 is available for download. You can find it here. It’s a handy way to keep tabs on your Google Calendar and Gmail account without firing up the browser and logging in to Gmail. If you need to get to either of those items, they are only one click away.

Take Action

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Learn how to select more than 100 messages at a time.

Gmail Notifier

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The Gmail Notifier is a free utility from Google that allows you to receive email notifications to your Gmail account without opening a browser or mail client. Find out how to get it and some of the neat configuration options it has.

Contact Pictures

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Gmail has added another nice feature to the contacts list. Listen to this show to find out how you can see images of your contact, set your own image, or override their images. Please note that this feature is currently only available to users with US/English language settings as of this recording. I also include a quick tip for you to save time when emailing other Gmail users!

Personal Level Indicators

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Quickly identify which messages were sent directly to you, others, or a list by scanning the index with personal level indicators.

Send Mail As

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Episode #11: Manage multiple email accounts with Gmail.

This short effective tip will teach you how to forward email from many other accounts to Gmail and responding to them as if they came from the original site.


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Episode #10: Searching

Learn the powerful ways you can search for items in Gmail. Search for conversations to a person, from a person, with certain words in the subject, labels, attachments, or any combination.