Suggest More Recipients

One of the handiest labs features I have found is called “Suggest more recipients”. Like other labs features, you can enable this by going to the Settings link in the upper right, clicking on the labs tab, then locate the feature called “Suggest more recipients”, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes”.

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Once you have enabled the feature, begin by entering at least two names in the “to”, “cc”, or “bcc” boxes, Gmail will add a link labeled “Also include”. Gmail scans previous messages you have sent and received in groups and provides those email addresses as suggestions. Now when you find yourself communicating with the same three or four people over and over, Gmail will find those names for you and you can simply click on them to ensure you haven’t forgotten anyone.

Tip: Gmail Podcast – Title Tweaks

Begin by enabling the lab feature. This labs feature changes order of elements in the browser title bar from “Gmail – Inbox (20) –” to “Inbox (20) – – Gmail”. This way you are able (most of the time) to see if a new mail has arrived even if Gmail window is minimized.