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It’s almost as if Google can read my mind! This is really scary. Just yesterday I was getting frustrated at looking up shortcut keys I rarely use. No, I’m not going to print one and put it next to my monitor – that’s clutter. Fear no more, the shortcut key to end all that has arrived! Just remember “?” and you get a lovely overlay with all the shortcut keys (sample shown below.) Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have keyboard shortcuts enabled in the settings.

Help Screen

There is a link on the bottom to open it in a new window (or tab). After you’ve gotten what you need from the overlay, press “Esc” and it goes away. This one isn’t even in the “What’s New” list yet!

I’m told this does conflict with the same key found in Better Gmail 2, a Greasemonkey add-in, but how bad can it be to have too much help?

Let’s see, what else did I wish for in Gmail?

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