Google Money?

This morning while fueling up my mini-van I was pining for the days when I used to use PocketQuicken on my Palm PDA and sync it to my Windows machine at home. It used to make entering receipts so painless. Time moved on and I find myself with a Windows Mobile device and a Mac at home. I’m not sorry for either, but I do miss the rapid entry from just about anywhere. I have a Windows machine in the basement and run Quicken via remote desktop. That’s right, no Parallels, Bootcamp, or whatever for this old curmudgeon.

While the money was digitally clicking away at the pump, I started thinking about Google (don’t ask.) Since they’ve seen fit to take on the Microsoft Office applications, and quite successfully I might add, why not go after Quicken?

Think about it… A web 2.0 financial management package. No more downloading updates each year for taxes, no more signing on to enter a pile of receipts. Manage your finances from anywhere via a web browser. (I still recall the instance of checking my Gmail from the airport terminal in Hong Kong and chatting with someone in the US and UK at the same time.) Let Google’s servers update your portfolio, do automatic bill pay, and more. How cool would that be? Do you think they’re working on it?, and don’t resolve (yet).

I’d be happy with the ability to just enter my gas receipt in 30 seconds when I got to work – so would my wife.

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