Twitter offers import of Gmail Contacts

For those who use Twitter for your social networking, they have added a nice feature under the “Find & Invite” section to allow you to invite people from your Gmail address book quickly and easily. As a quick side note, Twitter is similar to instant messaging on a web page. You login with an account then answer the simple question “What are you doing now?” with a short text phrase such as “listening to the Gmail Podcast”. There two types of people, those you follow, and those who follow you. When you post something, the people who follow you will see it. When someone you follow updates their twitter status, you’ll see that update. It’s a simple concept that is catching on quickly.

To use your Gmail address book, login to Twitter at If you don’t have an account, simply register. It’s free and quick. Next, click on the link near the top that says “”Find & Invite”. There you will see an option to use your Gmail address book. You will be offered a secure login for your Gmail credentials and then the screen will go to your contacts. Once Twitter imports the information you can simply click on names to follow and whether to turn on or off the notifications. It’s that simple.

When you’re done, click “Next” and another page will come up suggesting to invite people you email the most. A pretty neat idea for inviting a lot of your friends to join Twitter without a lot of effort from you.