Gmail Manager

Here is a handy extension to allow you to monitor your Gmail from Firefox.

Download Gmail Manager


  • Richard says:

    Thanks for a great podcast. But I think it is important to note not all GMail accounts are the same. For example there isn’t a delete button on my inbox page as you describe in the podcast. I still have to use the More Actions dropdown.

  • Richard says:

    Also I think your email validator for these comments is broken! It won’t let me enter an email address with a “.” before the “@”

  • Administrator says:

    Yes, I am aware that not all Gmail accounts are equal. I first heard about the delete button days before it appeared on my own screen. Be patient. I have no idea how they are deploying these features in a random fashion.

  • JoDho says:

    This is a good one. I am gonna use FireFox a lot more whit this nice plug-inn.