It's baaaaackkk

Remember how scared you were when you saw Poltergeist for the first time and knew that those scary ghosts were coming to get you?

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0 Responses to It's baaaaackkk

  1. Richard aka Mainframe says:

    Woot! and Thank You – Thank You – Thank You 🙂

  2. Philip from Australia says:

    Great… like I haven’t enough new ones to listen to… you have to bring back an old favouite.

    Of course, NOW I’ll have to send stuff to you… Hmm… We’ll see.

    I am glad it’s back. But in a sense it never left. You had the one offs.

    Listen to you then. And hopefully be online at the time. May 10th 9pm… ok.. add 2.. 11, swap the am for pm… so 11am May 11… OOOHHH.. rostered off. So should be able to make it… YAHHHH. Maybe.


  3. Mad Marv says:

    Heh, startin’ up on Mother’s Day. This should end well. 🙂


  4. Andy says:

    Good news to hear you’re back – looking forward to it. Will make the commutes worthwhile.