Interview: Tornado Tim

Join me for another exciting tech/science interview with storm chaser, “Tornado Tim”.

Listen to the interview with Tornado Tim

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6 Responses to Interview: Tornado Tim

  1. Mike Wills says:

    That was an awesome interview. Short of Adam Savage, this is the best interview you have had.

  2. Keitha White says:

    Wonderful interview. I enjoyed and learned a lot. This marvelous man is also my minister.

  3. shaise neal says:

    I can’t believe you do the things that you do. Chasing tornadoes is soooo cool. I’ve been fasinated by tornadoes ever since i was a little girl. The fujita scale is a work of art.F0-F5 or even a possible F6 with winds of 380 miles an hour with a funnel base of more than a mile, bigger than a F5.WOW! but people don’t think that would happen…they think it would be CATASTROPHIC!well keep posting up this cool stuff.I do want to be a tornado chaser as well. but i’m only 19 years old.

  4. John Elfed Hughes says:

    Very interesting interview. Gives a clear insight into the dangerous world of tornado chasing.

  5. keith hermance says:

    hey tim wasup! u saved my life
    we love u!!!

  6. Storm says:

    you are a very brave person to be chasing tornados i think you will have and do have a great story to tell i would love to hear what it was like to be close to a tornado im doing a school project on tornados and think you would be a great person to hear from
    yours sincerly storm rix